Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation Organizations


Beak Appetit Inc. is dedicated to helping parrot rescue and rehabilitation centers worldwide. We regularly send donations of food to several rescue organizations to aid in the rehabilitation of abused and neglected parrots. Below you will find some of the foundations we support, with links to their respective web sites, and information about how you can help their cause.

The Gabriel Foundation
A 501(c)(3) avicultural and veterinary affiliated parrot welfare organization licensed by the state of Colorado, promoting educational outreach, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary pertaining to the needs of parrots everywhere.

The current Gabriel Foundation aviary is able to provide consistent, high quality care for up to 250 psittacine birds at one time. Birds enter the Foundation for a variety of reasons such as family or financial hardship, human guardian’s illness or death, conflict with spouse or children, lack of human interest and/or time, moving/relocation, a bird’s incomparability with human’s expectations, a bird’s physical handicap, a bird’s chronic illness, rescue from animal cruelty, abandonment, lost bird, or request from a pet store, animal welfare organization, veterinarian and breeders to provide on-going care

You can visit the Gabriel Foundation's website at:

The Golden Conure Fund
The Golden Conure Fund is part of the World Parrot Trust, an organization dedicated to helping endangered parrots around the world. The Golden Conure Fund is devoted to the Plight if the Golden Conure. Recently, much of this beautiful creatures habitat has been destroyed due to habitation, construction of roads, and the building of the Tucurui Dam.

You can help the Golden Conure Fund by making a contribution to their efforts. Find out more about The Golden Conure Fund, and the wonderful bird it is trying to save at:

Safe Haven Birds
Operates as a small rescue & refuge, serving Nebraska and surrounding states, and limits the number of birds admitted to quarantine & foster care, to ensure proper and nurturing care to those who are placed here. The numbers fluctuate as some seek shelter here, and some find a loving home. Safe Haven cares for a variety of psitticine species, many with physical handicaps and emotional issues/phobias/baggage. A number of birds summer outside and benefit from all that goes with it, "like" species often housed in flights that enable interaction, companionship, and exercise. Safe Haven is 1AB certified for wildlife rehabilitation, is a past member of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab and admits pigeons, doves, sparrows and starlings for care.

You can visit Safe Haven's website at:

Bird Land Ministry
My friend and I are mothers to 170 Exotic Birds. We have a deep love for birds. We are especially interested in Exotic Birds, but will take in and love all kinds. We live in Florida, and are both "full time" Correctional Officers with the State of Florida. This ministry was started in our home as a hobby. Then we felt the call of GOD to begin taking in "unwanted" birds here in our area. This ministry is located in Jacksonville and also honors all of the surrounding counties. We have birds from as far away New Orleans, New Haven Conn., and Nottingham New Hampshire.

You can visit the Bird Land Ministry's website at:

Rescue Me Aviary
Rescue Me is a sanctuary for unwanted tropical birds. The Sanctuary takes unwanted birds and gives them a permanent home. Rescue Me also appears at local schools in conjunction with their rain forest and environmental programs to help bring the concept of endangered species into focus for the children.

Please contact Rescue Me directly for a physical address to send donations. Monetary donations are also appreciated and can be sent to the address that is given.

We Proudly Support Bird Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers Nationwide

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