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Beak Appetit diets are made with natural ingredients that your bird will go wild over! Created with tempting exotic spices, these diets are irresistibly delicious and complete with vital nutrients that bird owners demand. A well rounded Avian Diet should include: Veggies, Fruits, Grains, Seeds, and Pellets. Take a good look at the ingredients in Beak Appetit, and you will see why it is approved by Avian Vets. You can feel good about feeding Beak Appetit to your beloved pet.

Exploring the Nutritional Needs of Parrots

The purpose of this document is to provide education and insight as to the importance of cooked diets in relation to the health and well being of exotic parrots. BEAK APPÉTIT bird foods are created to meet the nutritional and psychological needs of exotic birds. More than any other type of caged bird, parrots get special pleasure from eating a variety of food items. It is very apparent that parrots find cooked foods psychologically satisfying and nutritionally needed.

Energy comes from proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The proper balance of dietary protein, fat, carbohydrate and fiber is essential for the optimal health and longevity of a bird. Excessive dietary fat creates too much weight gain, fatty liver infiltration and other problems. Protein is mandatory for proper skeletal and muscular development, and is particularly important for baby birds. However, too much protein can excessively overwork and eventually wear out the liver and kidneys. BEAK APPÉTIT foods fall within the acceptable levels for crude fat and protein, as well as providing the necessary levels of carbohydrates needed for a healthy parrot. BEAK APPÉTIT foods have the proper combination of grains and fruits needed in order to provide a highly palatable nutritious maintenance diet for parrots.

Breeding Parrots
Parrots in a breeding situation must have their nutritional requirements met in order to produce healthy hatchlings. Four to six weeks prior to breeding season, parrots will seek out foods that are protein and energy rich. BEAK APPÉTIT will certainly meet this criteria. Studies have shown that the most successful breeders include cooked diets as an integral part of their breeding program. I also recommend that breeding parrots receive a calcium supplement in their diet during breeding season. BEAK APPÉTIT will provide breeding parrots with the protein, calcium, and energy needed to produce healthy baby birds.

Baby Parrots
After hatching, baby parrots have an enormous appetite which puts even further stress on adult birds. Just imagine what it would be like having to feed yourself and babies that are growing at a rate of approximately 4% per day. Feeding BEAK APPÉTIT during this time makes perfect sense. BEAK APPÉTIT is an easy to eat, highly palatable diet that provides essential vitamins and complete proteins to meet the nutritional demands of growing parrots. Furthermore BEAK APPÉTIT will prevent the nutritional depletion that is systematic of adult birds feeding babies.

Weaning Babies
During the weaning process, baby parrots can be very reluctant to explore new foods. Offering a nice warm serving of BEAK APPÉTIT mixed with cooked vegetables is an exciting way to encourage a baby parrot to eat a healthy diet on it’s own. Store owners and customers alike benefit tremendously, by saving time and money due to ease and convenience of feeding BEAK APPÉTIT to all of their birds.

Seed Diets
In recent years there have been numerous articles written by veterinarians as to the dangers of a seed only diet. It has been proven time and again that parrots on a seed only diet are experiencing a slow death. A few complications that may result from a seed only diet would include egg binding, egg yolk peritonitis, excessive weight gain, fatty liver infiltration, poor muscle tone and inferior feather quality. Feeding seed in combination with cooked or raw vegetables can help help to a degree, but will not provide the much needed carbohydrates, protein and minerals that BEAK APPÉTIT foods can. A seed diet simply cannot provide parrots with the nutrition they need to live a long and healthy life.

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