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Welcome to our FAQ page. Here you will find frequently asked questions about Beak Appetit Bird Food, and the answers to them. If you have a question that is not covered by this page, Click here to email Beak Appetit. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. My Parrot snubs his beak at any food but his seed. What do I do to get him to eat healthy food? Beak Appetit Inc. has literally converted thousands of birds using this method!

Parrots are creatures of habit and routine and recognize their food dish as their primary source of food. Place a big layer of Beak Appetit on top of your parrots seed and it will discover the wonderful flavors of Beak Appetit bird food. Do not expect your fussy eater to convert to a moist diet right away it may take some time but it is worth it!

2. Do I have to cook for my parrot every morning? I barely have time for myself!

NO! You have several options, precook the entire bag of food and freeze in three to four day portions, thaw and warm the day's meal in the microwave for 10-30 seconds. OR Cooked Beak Appetit can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days making daily feeding a breeze.

3. I am having trouble weaning my new baby from formula what do I do?

Put some warm cooked Beak Appetit in your fingers and hold them over your bird's beak gently touching the area where its beak joins together until it gives you a feeding response. Then each day put a warm bowl of Beak Appetit in front of your baby repeating the above instructions until it starts to eat on its own.

4. Is Beak Appetit an affordable way to feed my bird?

YES! One pound of food yields two after cooking so you're getting twice the food for your money.

5. What is the dust in Beak Appetit?

It is spices, flavorings and a high quality vitamin premix custom made to the dietary needs of pet birds.

Frequently Asked Questions about Le Grass Café

1. How can I get the most growth out of my Grass Café?

Make sure that all of the seed is towards the top of the container. Sometimes the fiber disk will come loose in shipping. Dump the seed and loose fiber in a separate container. Add water and let the disk expand to approximately half the container. Add the seed and loose fiber and the remainder of water. This should put the seed at exactly the right depth for optimal growth.

2. My birds seem scared of the product.

Birds are always hesitant to try something new. Leave the container in the cage until your birds start to eat the product. Remember, your bird needs the nutrition in Le Grass Cafe.

3.Will Le Grass Cafe mold?

The fiber in Le Grass Cafe will resist mold growth. However from time to time mold might develop. It is harmless and can be killed by letting the fiber dry out or by exposing the container to direct sunlight while growing.

4. My grass is yellow.

Place the container in sunlight while growing. The greener it is when eaten the healthier it is for your pet.

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