What You Should Know About the Safety of Our Pet Foods:



Gourmet Pet Supply, Inc. products are not affected by the recent pet food contamination recall.

Like most Americans, all of us at Gourmet Pet Supply, Inc. are shocked and saddened about the recent discovery of contaminated dog & cat foods and the subsequent recalls being generated by many highly reputable pet food manufacturers across the country. The most recent information from the FDA indicates the prime culprit in the most notorious instance is wheat gluten (a form of processed wheat flour) from China that was contaminated with melamine, a substance commonly used in manufacturing fertilizer and plastic cutlery. As of this writing, there is also some question whether the Chinese wheat gluten may also have been contaminated with some form of rodent poison although this increasingly appears to be unlikely. In a separate, more recent incident, at least one manufacturer has recalled dog, cat and ferret treats due to possible salmonella contamination. NO GOURMET PET SUPPLY, INC. PET FOODS ARE AFFECTED BY THESE RECALLS.

We want you to know that we are as concerned about the safety of your pet’s food as you are, in fact you could say we are fanatical about it. Especially since our own pets are also our official company “taste testers”. Here’s what you need to know about the quality and safety of our foods:

We use only all-natural and organic ingredients in our pet diets.

We source our ingredients from the same raw goods suppliers that serve the human food industry. We do not use livestock-grade fruits, grains or vegetables in any of our pet foods.

We do not use imported grains (wheat, corn, oats, rice, etc) in our pet foods. All of the grains used in our foods are grown right here in North America.

All exotic ingredients in our diets (spices, banana, figs, etc) are sourced exclusively from reputable suppliers to the US human food industry.

We do not package “wet” foods in our facility, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

The process of cooking (re-hydrating) our “cooked diets” provides an additional security level for your pets by sterilizing the food prior to serving.

Our high protein supplements and egg foods (to be introduced later this year) are cooked at extremely high temperatures prior to packaging to ensure proper sterility.

Finally, our exotic whole seeds and nuts are sourced exclusively through our European partner (which has been in this business for nearly 300 years). These nuts & seeds are tested constantly, controlled rigorously and cleaned thoroughly in order to ensure their integrity until fed to your pet.

While no company can ever be perfectly infallible, you can rest assured that all of us at Gourmet Pet Supply, Inc. are 100% dedicated to achieving that goal when it comes to food safety.

David W. Roddy
Gourmet Pet Supply Inc.


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